My Clocks

My range of clocks increases by the day, however there is no standard range as such. I only ever make a handful of each design, so maintaining their rarity and ensuring you will always have an unusual and fun talking point. It is unlikely you will see another like yours. 

Displayed are a range of ideas to give you an indication of the possibilities. All are available! Simply email me at:


whether you require a map of a specific area, have a picture of your own - your holiday home, classic car, fish tank -  of whatever you would like creating for your own unique clock

Hands are available in a variety of sizes and colours, with contrasting second hands:

Plastic:   Red, Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange,   


Metal:      Black, Brushed Silver & Brushed Gold

Commissions and bespoke clocks

You can personalise a clock face for a special occasion: - a birthday or Christmas present. If you have a particular image you would like to see, maybe a place, a specific map, a person, holiday home, classic car, pet gerbil, fish tank or simply a momento of a happy time photo.
contact me @

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